Thursday, 26 January 2012

Solar PV Appeal - Boom & Bust then Boom and Bust All Over Again

After the High Court decision yesterday to reject the Government appeal over their cuts to the Solar Feed In Tariffs it looks like the solar industry in the UK will be back on the rollercoaster of boom and bust that started in October 2011 with the initial announcement of the cut from 43.3p to 21p per kWh generated.

The number of installations between 31 October and the FITs cut on 12 December showed a massive spike with installers scrabbling to get any available supplies to be able to fit before the deadline. This was then followed by a complete drying up of work as the new tariff took effect.

With the new deadline set for 3 March it looks like the same process is happening all over again with reports that warehouses of Solar PV panels have been bought up and installers reporting lack of supplies to be able to install.

Gordon Brown might have claimed he had ended boom and bust but this government seems fairly unique in being able to create boom and bust twice within the space of 4 months!

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