Friday, 25 May 2012

Best Solar Output So Far - Today Breaks 20kWh Barrier

With a reasonable breeze today and slightly lower temperatures we have broken the 20kWh for the first time and got a new record for the electricity generated. By the time the sun set today we had generated 20.6kWh which is a full 1kWh more than the previous record set at the beginning of April. As per my blog post yesterday about the effect of temperature on solar panel electricity generation the cooler day as well as the breeze look to have contributed.

I think at 20kWh we are now getting very close to the maximum electricity that can be generated in the UK from 3kWp solar panels. I'm hoping we can hit the 21kWh target which would mean each 1kWp of panels had generated 7kWh which seems to be the maximum possible for us.

Maximum solar panel electricity output in UK

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