Saturday, 17 November 2012

Why Are Inverter and Generation Meter Readings different?

Why is the inverter reading not the same as the generation meter?

Something we noticed early on with our solar panels was that the inverter and generation meter readings differed. In our case the generation meter reads higher than the inverter but other people have found that the generation meter reading is lower than the inverter.

Over time this can be a significant difference. Approaching the first anniversary of our solar panels being commissioned our generation meter is reading 3079kWh and the inverter reads 3043kWh. The difference is approximately 1% higher reading for the generation meter.

Why is the inverter reading different to the generation meter?

The correct reading is the one on the generation meter as this meter is calibrated and manufactured to strict tolerances. The electricity reading from the inverter should only be considered an estimate and will vary from the true reading from the generation meter.

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