Tuesday, 30 April 2013

April 2013 Beats Forecasts to be Best Solar Month Since July 2012

The sun has now set on April 2013 and the numbers show that it has been the second best month ever for our solar panels and the highest monthly amount of solar electricity generated since July 2012. Despite being 2 months away from the longest day April 2013 has also broken two records for the daily output from our panels.

April 2013 has also been the first month this year where the output from our solar panels has exceeded the electricity generated in 2012 and also beaten the SAP forecasts. January to March were way down on last year so it is a welcome sight to see April output bouncing back so well.

The full breakdown of April 2013 solar generation compared to 2012 is here.  It gives some interesting comparisons as April 2012 was a dull month when the weather switched from the sunny days of March to rain and cloud after the drought was announced! In April 2012 there were only 6 days above 15kWh generation but this had doubled to 12 days over 15kWh in April 2013.

April 2013 Best Month Since July 2012
April 2013 Beats Forecasts to be Best Solar Month Since July 2012

Despite what seemed to be a cloudy and cold month the PV solar panels generated a hefty 368 kWh in April 2013. In fact the cold weather actually helped improve the electricity generated by the solar panels as panel efficiency increases as the temperature drops which meant April 2013 also gave us a new daily record with over 21kWh of electricity produced.

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