Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Solar Panel Output 2013 Annual Review - Summary of Solar Electricity Production

We have now had our solar panels operating for two full calendar years and some interesting details are emerging. Despite 2013 starting much worse than 2012, with very dull and cold weather at the beginning of the year, the overall electricity produced was higher than in 2012 with some new records set.

Best month solar electricity production: 479kWh (July 2013)
Best day solar electricity production: 21.6kWh (April 2013)

With the colder April and May than is usual the effect of temperature on solar panel electricity production became very apparent which with the lengthening days gave the impressive daily totals for April 2013.

Overall for 2013 the solar panels generated a total of 3095kWh of electricity and were operating for 3972 hours in total. This compares to 2996 kWh and 3635 hours for 2012.

View the full yearly and monthly solar panel electricity production stats here

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