Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Solar Panels Three Years On

Our solar panels have now been installed for exactly 3 years.

Over that time they've now generated 9588kWh of electricity - this would have been nearer 9800 kWh due to an inverter fault in 2012 that lost around 200kWh of generation being produced.

You can see how this generation is broken down by month and year here

Solar Panels Three Years On
Solar Panels Three Years On


  1. Hi Drew,

    Would it be possible for you to tell me what area of Kent your solar installation is in?
    I am based in Manchester doing my third year project on solar generation potentials and the calculations that are used to predict their values.
    With your permission I would also very much like to incorporate some of the data that can be found on your website into my project.

    Many thanks,

  2. Hi Nicholas, we are in Medway, ME8 postcode area of Kent. I'll be loading the December data soon.