Thursday, 5 February 2015

FIT Rates - New Feed in Tariff Rates from April 2015

The Feed In Tariff Rates (FIT) are uprated every year in line with inflation (Retail Price Index, RPI measure) and the increase is based on the RPI figure for the previous December and applied in the April the following year.

In December 2014 the RPI inflation rate was 1.6%, dropping from 2% the previous month.

This means that the FIT Feed in Tariff payments will be increased by 1.6% as of April 2015. 

The current FIT rate is 48.07p per kWh generated so the new rate in April 2015 will be 48.84p per kWh. The existing export rate is 3.39p per kWh so the new rate from April 2015 will rise to 3.44p per kWh.

Other FIT rates apply to solar panels installed from March 2012. The Feed in tariff rates above apply to those solar panels installed prior to March 2012.

Main FIT rate from April 2015 will be 48.84p per kWh

Export FIT rate in April 2015 will be 3.44p per kWh

FIT Rates April 2015 Feed in tariff new rates
FIT Rates from April 2015

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