Wednesday 11 April 2012

Maximum Solar PV Power Output Achieved!

Today has been a complete mixture of weather from bright sunny spells to cloud and rain with thunder and lightning. Overall the solar panel power output hasn't been fantastic but the mix of cloud and sun has meant that we have achieved the maximum possible output from our solar panels today.

Solar PV panel peak outputs
Our panels are rated at 3010W potential (Wp or 3.01 kWp) meaning that the theoretical maximum peak output that could be obtained would be 3010W.

What is the maximum output of solar panels connected to a Sunny Boy HF3000 Inverter?

 Our panels are linked to a Sunny Boy HF3000 inverter which therefore limits the maximum power output to 3000W. This was achieved at 1230 today just after a cloudy sky had given way to sunshine. The solar panel output soon dropped as the panels warmed up but it shows that the maximum PV output from the inverter can be achieved.

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