Saturday, 21 April 2012

Two New Records - and a Pigeon Nest!

Today the solar panels have passed a landmark and set a new peak production record. We have now generated over 1MWh (1000kWh) of electricity which seems incredible in 5 months that cover the worst winter period. Based on the current generation amounts it seems feasible that we could generate double this over the next 7 months. 3000kWh  from 3kWp panels would be an excellent result and give even faster payback on the panels.

We have also hit a new peak generation record today with 3.012kW being recorded at 1310 today. As today has been such a mix of sun and cloud it seems that the cooling effect of the clouds allows the generation to jump to the maximum when the sun comes back out again. It seems slightly strange that the peak recorded is above the nominal output of the inverter which is rated at 3000W.

Peak solar panel output and pigeon nests
Finally we discovered that a pigeon had decided the space under the panels would be perfect to start to build a nest. Sadly we disagreed on this and the pigeon will have to look elsewhere as sticks taped together and access to the panels via the velux window were enough to dislodge the sticks from beneath the panels. Having the velux window in the middle of the panels has proved to be very useful!

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