Sunday, 2 September 2012

British Gas Fast FIT Payments & Online Meter Reading

Just before we went on holiday I submitted the latest solar panel generation readings for our FIT payments using the NEW British Gas online form - yep it is now a form not email!

The benefit seems to be that processing of the FIT payment by British Gas is much faster despite previously being one of the fastest payers for FIT.

This time the reading was submitted on 14 August and the cheque for the Feed in Tariff payment (FIT) was issued on 18th August. The latest payment was for over £500 which is a nice chunk paying towards the installation.

Well done British Gas, all we need now is payment direct to the bank account by BACS rather than posting out cheques but with payments issued in 4 days I can live with that!

British Gas Fast FIT Payments & Online Meter Reading
British Gas Fast FIT Payments & Online Meter Reading


  1. wow £500 is that just the FIT PAYMENT OF 41pence per unit.. EOn were such hard work trying to register for the FIT payment. they had a back log of to avoid....August production day 21.55 worst day 4.49

    1. Yes thats the FIT payment and export for the last 3 months which totals 47p at the moment. Gutted with August generation as inverter generated an error which stopped it running when we were on holiday so we only got 220kWh for the month rather than the 400kWh it should have been. I've added another blog post about it.