Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Review of Solar Advanced Systems PV Solar Installation

Solar Advanced Systems Review

This is a time lapse video taken of our solar panel installation being fitted by Solar Advanced Systems of Edenbridge Kent. The solar panel array is 14 solar panels of 215W capacity giving a total potential output of 3kWp.


The solar panels are now generating electricity and up to September 2012 had generated 2600kWh of electricity, well above the original SAP quoted figure for the whole year of 2479kWh and with 2 months still to go.

Review of Solar Advanced Systems solar panel installation.

As well as the quality of the installation and components an important consideration is the aftersales service. With the solar panels any downtime and loss of generation can end up costing you money as you are not generating and earning Feed in Tariff income. When we recently had a problem with our inverter giving an error Solar Advanced Systems were able to come out on the same day to investigate and resolve. Their staff have always been very helpful and happy to resolve any questions. We had some minor issues with paperwork prior to purchase but as that was during the storm that following the slashing of FIT payments in 2011 it was understandable with the chaos that ensued.

Review of Solar Advanced Systems solar panel installation.
Review of Solar Advanced Systems solar panel installation

Solar Advanced Systems Ltd - Unit 9 Edenbridge Trade Centre, Hever Road, Edenbridge, Kent, TN8 5EA

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