Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Solar Panel Output in UK for October 2012

As it is now dark today the numbers are now complete for our solar panel generation for October 2012. After a very promising start with some excellent clear days the second half of October was appalling and dragged down the overall total so the month was just under the estimated value.

Our solar panels generated a total of 191 kWh in October, just below the 195kWh predicted by the SAP calculations. It does however mean that during October we passed the SAP estimate of 2905kWh for the year and still have 20 days of November to go.

You can see the breakdown of generation for October day by day on the PV Data grid here It is interesting to see that the peak output is very consistent across the year but is only achieved for relatively few hours over the autumn/winter months compared to the summer.

PV Solar Panel Output October 2012
Solar Panel Output October 2012
We are almost approaching our first anniversary and I will amend the page to show a year by year comparison starting next month.

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