Thursday, 4 October 2012

Fantastic September Solar Panel Output

The output from our Solar Panels in September 2012 has been fantastic at 356kWh.

This has been better than March (314) & April (320 kWh) 2012 and virtually matching May (365) and June (360) 2012.

Apart from showing what a poor summer we had in the UK what makes these September solar panel generation figures even more remarkable is that the day length is substantially lower in September than it is in April, May & June meaning that the number of sunny days has to be even higher to match the June solar power generation outputs.

output from our Solar Panels in September 2012
output from our Solar Panels in September 2012
Despite the August solar generation disaster with the inverter stopping during our holiday we are now on target to reach 3000kWh of solar panel electricity output for the year which is way above the SAP 2009 estimates of 2479kWh. The total would be higher if we hadn't lost 2 weeks of prime generation during August.

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  1. September started so well,but ended poorly , total for month..323.88. e mailed fit readings on the 28th sept to e-on...still waiting for the cheque now the 4th oct...