Thursday, 28 March 2013

Solar Output March 2013 Compared to 2012

After such a poor December, January and Feb, there were high hopes for March 2013 to be a far better month for the solar panels to generate some good amounts of electricity. Sadly these have been savagely dashed and March 2013 looks to be almost 50% down on March 2012.

Solar Output March 2013 Compared to 2012
Solar Output March 2013 Compared to 2012

While we have had one half of the weather that could give some very good solar panel outputs - the cold - we have been completely missing the critical part with a total lack of sun this month. As will be seen on some of the outputs at the end of the month a sunny day with temperatures of 2C will give much better electricity generation from Solar PV panels than a hot sunny day at 25C.

March 2012 was very sunny but also quite warm so sunny days this month with the freezing temperatures should give much better output. Sadly the number of sunny days has been severely lacking!


  1. Just wanted to say I found your blog whilst checking my own PV system outputs - I was looking for comparative outputs for Jan this year, sadly it looks like we both missed the target.

    I look forward to seeing your March figures - if you're like me you'll be at about 95% for the month.

    It was unlikely we'd get a repeat of last year (one of the sunniest March month ever) but it'd be nice if we hadn't had one of the worst ever.

    Cheers, Otis.

    1. We were way off this year. I've just posted up the full details here
      and detailed stats here

      Hopefully the rest of the year will be better than 2012!

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