Saturday, 2 March 2013

Terrible Solar Start to 2013: Comparison to Winter 2012

Our solar panels were installed mid way through November 2011 so we have now had 3 full months of year on year comparisons. With some really cloudy dull days they don't make very impressive reading!

Dec 2011 : 105
Dec 2012 : 92

Jan 2012 : 114
Jan 2013 : 89

Feb 2012 : 190
Feb 2013 : 118

Total for 3 months:

2012: 409 kWh
2013: 299 kWh

As can be seen on the month by month solar panel system stats the generation for Feb 2013 was badly hit by cloudy days with under 2kWh generation of solar power. In 2012 only 3 days generated less than 2kWh but in Feb 2013 this jumped to 12 days and in Feb 2012 there were 14 days with more than 10kWh generated but in 2013 this had dropped to only 9 days.

The combination of these meant that Feb 2013 was vastly lower for solar electricity generation than Feb 2012.

The only consolation is that these are the worst months of the year and a 25% lower generation won't make as much difference as a very poor summer.

solar power Comparison to Winter 2012
solar power Comparison to Winter 2012

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