Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Solar PV Data View on Phone

Since we got our panels in 2011 I've been looking for a way to be able to monitor them easily using a mobile phone. Initially I had an iPhone which appeared to be very limited in the way that it could use Bluetooth to communicate.

I now have a Google Nexus Android phone and finally have found an app that allows me to view Solar PV data on my phone. The Oxley Solar app is a great way to be able to view your solar panel performance data on your phone and check how they are generating. The only thing the app can't do is to export data but that's not a major problem.

If you have a solar panel inverter with Bluetooth such as the Sunny Boy range then give the app a go if you want to view the data more easily than using a PC.


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  1. I have just connected my immersion heater to a plug and plugged it into a Wemo Switch which will let me use my android phone to switch on the immersion heater when the panels are generating more electricity than I am using. Having now noticed the Oxley Solar app I am beginning to think that I might be able to use the IFTTT app to set up a 'recipe' so that when the panels are generating, say, 2.5kwh then the Wemo will switch on automatically. Then set up another recipe that when the panels are generating less than 2.5kwh it will switch off the Wemo. I'll investigate further.