Friday, 8 January 2016

Rainy December & November 2015 Reduces Solar Panel Output

The final months of 2015 have been exceptionally poor for our solar panels with both November and December 2015 recording the worst generation figures in the whole 4 years since our panels were installed.

The wet cloudy weather that caused severe flooding across the UK also mean that the sun was rarely seen and very little electricity was generated giving only 81kWh for November and a paltry 69kWh for December compared to previous historical lows of 112kWh for November and 91kWh for December.

The full comparison is available on the site

November compared to previous years
MonthEarliest Start TimeLatest End TimeMax Peak Output kWTotal Monthly OutputTotal Generation Time (hours)Min Daily Generation kWhMax Daily Generation kWh
11/2015 07:2016:052.30481.3412310.697.004
11/2014 07:1016:202.460112.4112240.08810.07
11/2013 07:2016:202.640126.8152310.25611.073
11/2012 07:1516:202.580150.3732330.46910.988
11/2011 07:1515:502.11251.508880.9798.176

Rainy December November 2015 reduces Solar Panel Output
Rainy December November 2015 reduces Solar Panel Output

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