Sunday, 10 January 2016

Cloudy December gives Poor Solar Generation

With the full data set now loaded it's clear why December 2015 was so bad for solar panels.

The number of days below 2kWh generated was 23, compared to around 14 for previous years. In addition the maximum peak output was only 7.6kW compared to over 9kW previously.

Hopefully this won't be the pattern set by global warming with warmer, wetter, cloudier winters that hit solar panel generation, although the winter numbers are small so it would be far more drastic if the summers became cloudier!

December 2015 compared to previous years - almost half the electricity generated compared to 2014!

MonthEarliest Start TimeLatest End TimeMax Peak Output kWTotal Monthly OutputTotal Generation Time (hours)Min Daily Generation kWhMax Daily Generation kWh
12/2015 08:0015:451.95668.3512050.3817.61
12/2014 08:0515:552.124123.872080.0778.837
12/2013 08:1015:502.412100.5462040.1459.015
12/2012 08:0515:451.99290.8642010.2378.324
12/2011 08:0015:552.136103.372120.3598.542


  1. Great Site. Really nice to see you Nov-Jan was as bad as mine
    it was nice to have a rough comparison that my panels wernt buggered

  2. Really nice to see your output vs mine

    and how Nov-Jan were equally rubbish

    a nice sanity check that my panels were alright