Saturday, 31 December 2011

December 2011 - First Full Month of Solar Panel Electricity Generation

As the sun has now set on 31 December 2011 we now have the data for our first full month of solar power generation. Against both estimates using PV-GIS we have either easily beaten or just exceeded the estimated PV generation for the month depending on the values used.

Using the standard PV-GIS solar values the estimate for December was 68 kWh of generation from 3kWp panel and the alternative estimate using satellite solar values was 101 kWh.

Our generation for the month was 105kWh which for December is an excellent result and hopefully a good sign of the performance we should expect from the panels over the next 12 months.

I have now begun the project to automate the collection and loading of the solar PV generation data from the SMA Sunny Boy inverter and will outline the process in another blog post soon.


  1. 105 is a good result for December. I got about 80 in December. 3.2KwH system installed 27/7/2011 - Orpington, Kent.

  2. I'm hoping it continues but I think our roof is better for winter due to the steeper angle so may be less efficient in summer.