Thursday, 22 December 2011

Solar PV - The Difference Weather Makes for Power Generation!

The difference a day makes, yesterday was cold, dull and wet, a typical December day so our solar PV panels generated very little electricity, a mere 0.65kWh for the whole day.

How difference 24 hours can be! Apart from the sun being so low in the sky today is more like September. Very sunny and warm with temperatures of around 14C, not a typical December day at all. Despite today being the Winter Solstice, the point in the year with the shortest day we have still generated a significant amount of electricity today. As of 3pm we have produced 7kWh and the panels are still generating although it has dropped from the 1800W maximum earlier in the day down to under 200W now. Hopefully this means that from now on into 2012 generation will only increase.

So although salesman might say that all you need for solar panels to produce electricity is daylight and that they generate on dull days too, that is only partly true. For maximum generation you do need sun and lots of it.

Total Solar Electricity Generation for Weather Conditions:

Dull day in December : 0.65 kWh
Sunny day in December : 7.7kWh

For details of he specification of our solar panels installed in Kent UK click here

The Difference Weather Makes for Solar Power Generation

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