Saturday 17 November 2018

Project Solar - Good Priced Solar Panel Quote Or Rip off Prices?

Lots of people on the Moneysaving Expert forums are reporting quotes from a company called Project Solar that appear to be extortionate. The price of solar panels has come down massively since we got ours installed in 2011. The FIT rate has also dropped since then so it's not all positive news!

Project Solar Good Priced Quote?
Project Solar Good Priced Quote?

Our panels cost £8999 for 14 panels rated at 3kWp but an equivalent now would be under £5000, suggestions are that you're now looking at approx £1000 per 1kWp of generation capacity so approx £3000. Forum members have reported paying £6000 for 5.1kWp of panels installed.

Project Solar appear to work in the same sort of way as doubling glazing companies of old - quote a high price and then drop it a bit to get business. The problem is that dropping a bit still isn't competitive and I'm always very wary of companies that are trying to rip you off with their original quotes.

In addition to the price one tactic that I've found several suppliers use is to suggest that inflation for electricity will be very high over the next 25 years because prices rose significantly over the last couple of years. In reality if prices rose by anything like the amount that some quotes are claiming then we'd be paying 75% of our wages on electricity by 2030!

Monday 12 November 2018

October 2018 Record breaking Solar Month

October 2018 has been another record breaking month for our solar panels with 274kWh generated, significantly higher than the previous best of 235 kWh back in 2016 and 73kWh more than last year.

It's actually been quite a year of extremes with March and April 2018 coming in well under previous years but May and June and October now being much higher.

Solar panel record generation 2018
Solar panel record generation 2018