Tuesday 15 June 2021

Best Months of Year for Solar Panels UK - Not Expected!

We've had our solar panels for over years now so we've collected a lot of data showing the generation over the days and months since 2011. Some interesting patterns have emerged that aren't necessarily what you would expect.

There are the more obvious extreme generation examples where you get very high and very low months depending on the weather but the month that is routinely lower than you would imagine is June.

Over the 10 year average data June is consistently lower than either May or July which is really odd as you would expect June to be the highest month for solar electricity generation as it has the longest days. Both May & July should be lower because the daylight hours are either lengthening or shrinking compared to June.

May total - 4064kWh - average 406kWh

June total - 3943 kWh - average 394 kWh

July total - 4155 kWh - average 415 kWh

So as you can see June is on average lower than May or July. This isn't just a quirk from a particularly bad June or good May or July but seems to be a genuine trend. Out of the 10 years, 5 of them have June lower than May & July and in only 3 years is June higher than both May and July.