Wednesday, 16 January 2019

FIT Rates April 2019 Onwards

The latest inflation figures have just been published which set the level of the Feed In Tariff rates from April 2019 onwards. The common inflation measure released is the CPI (Consumer Price Inflation) which is 2.2% for December but this isn't the one that is used to calculate FIT payments

The inflation measure used is RPI which is more difficult to find as it's not so commonly used any more. If you go to the ONS website you can see the latest value for RPI for December which is 2.7%

Using the existing FIT rate of 52.75p and applying the RPI of 2.7% gives a new rate of 54.17p
for the Feed in Tariff rate as of April 2019-2020. The level for export will increase to 3.82p

There are various other FIT rates that apply depending on the date that your solar panels were commissioned. They will also increase by 2.7% as the RPI rate for December 2018.

FIT Rates April 2019 Onwards
FIT Rates April 2019 Onwards

Tuesday, 15 January 2019

Kent Solar Panel Generation 2018

I've got all the data loaded for our solar panels for 2018 and there were a few excellent and record breaking months!