Tuesday 28 March 2023

SMA Sunny Boy Inverter Dead - Replacement Needed!

 I realised this week that my Sunny Boy inverter had stopped working, rather remiss of me that it took a few days before I found out but at least I know now.

SMA Sunny Boy Inverter Dead - Replacement Needed!
SMA Sunny Boy Inverter Dead - Replacement Needed!

I've tried a few reboots and it looks like it is something that isn't fixable so new inverter is on order. With the better weather (hopefully) coming I can't really afford to have the system off for any significant length of time as every lost kWh costs me 72p now and with 20kWh days that starts to mount up.

One benefit is the onwards move in technology in the 12 years since our system was installed so the new inverter will have much better data capability than the Sunny Boy which used quite clunky Sunny Explorer software and had to be connected via Bluetooth to access it.

Wednesday 18 January 2023

New FIT Rate Feed In Tariff April 2023

 The Feed in Tariff for April 2023 onwards is based on the RPI figure for December 2022 which was announced today as 13.4%. This means that the FIT rate for early adopters pre-2012 is increasing from 60.23p per kWh generated solar power to 68.30p per kWh. This is about the only advantage of high inflation rates!