Solar Panel Output Statistics

Monthly comparison for each year by year

Yearly comparison and breakdown of best solar electricity generated

Best days for solar panel output year by year

You can see the difference between electricity produced each year and how much solar electricity was generated compared to previous years. Each month is also available individually
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Solar Panel Output Statistics
Solar Panel Output Statistics Months vs Years Electricity Generated compared


  1. Hi I'd like to use some of your data in a study in London I've been carrying out 2012-13.
    I need to ask if you could provide some detail like location (postcode?) and something to identify you (theres nothing in your blog to say who you are) this possible?
    Im best contacted at as I don't much use the gmail account.

  2. Hi Didn't see that one go. please ignore if this is duplicated.
    I was asking if I could use your monthly output data in a study I'm writing up based in East London. I need a postcode for area, and something to say who you are (this doesn't need to be much, just a reference for veracity).
    I'm on

    Good information btw!