Thursday, 27 December 2012

Solar Panel Output - Shortest Day Behind Us!

With the shortest day now behind us we can start to look forward to improving solar panel outputs over the next few months. After the first year with our solar panels it was obvious how much lower the electricity output from solar panels is over the winter months.

Solar Panel Output - Shortest Day Behind Us!
Solar Panel Output - Shortest Day Behind Us!

While you may get a solid 16 hours generation during the summer months this can drop to around 6 hours or less during winter especially on very cloudy days. Last year on an extremely cloudy day we barely generated any electricity and on one snowy day had a 0 kWh output.

Luckily even with the poor summer of 2012 we still achieved over 20kWh of electricity generation on 4 days and over 15kWh on 55 days.

In contrast December had no days over 10kWh and only 8 days when above 5kWh was produced.

You can view the full yearly & monthly solar panel output statistics here

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