Sunday 17 November 2013

Comparing Solar Output for Each Month Year by Year

Now that the data is building up from our solar panels with nearly 2 years worth of solar electricity generated from them it seemed useful to compare how each month varies year on year.

So the data can now be viewed month by month comparing each year against the next.

Comparing Solar Panel Output and Solar Electricity generated each month year by year

It is interesting to see how each month can vary so significantly and also how the different months of the year change. For example in January the start and end times are fairly constant but the overall output is significantly different.

MonthEarliest Start TimeLatest End TimeMax Peak Output kWTotal Monthly OutputTotal Generation Time (hours)Min Daily Generation kWhMax Daily Generation kWh

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  1. does playing AC/DC music improve energy output??? boffins think so,a certain frequency excites the modules given 50% more output???????